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Shipper Value Proposition
While we believe a strong value proposition exists for the shipping intermediary, we are also able to provide a solid value proposition for your customers. We believe this double value proposition makes Streamship a winner – not only with you – but with your customers.
Shipper Issue How Streamship Increases Customer Satisfaction How Streamship Saves The Shipper Money
Streamship Advantage
Shippers must enter an order and then call the freight forwarders with the same information. Shippers now can send documents directly from their logistics application to you for processing. Decreased time needed to enter orders and then communicate those orders manually to an intermediary.
Orders are entered directly into Streamship via web services. See [Web Services]
Shipper needs to adjust a bill of lading. Shippers are empowered to make changes themselves on their time schedule. Decreased time needed to manage minor changes.
Shippers can continually change the bill of lading and view proof copies online.
Shippers want Certificates of Origin, Invoice Copies, and other documents. Shippers can receive these documents via email directly from you, or from self-service options via our customer portal. Decreased time needed to request information. In fact, using our customer portal many of these documents are available directly to the shipper.
Streamship automatically creates these documents from the information already in the application.